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We match newly diagnosed breast cancer patients with QUALITY oncologists in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Our patient-oncologist matching service provides the patient and their family with a caring and supportive process during uncertain and overwhelming moments of the breast cancer journey.

Your First Steps

The first steps of your breast cancer journey are devastating.

When you first receive the news, you are hit with a lot of uncertainty, confusion, and difficulty in thinking clearly due to the overwhelming process of planning and trying to keep it all together.

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You may be thinking…

What are my treatment options? 

Where do I start my search for an oncologist? 

Is my doctor’s recommendation for an oncologist the right choice? 

What should I even be considering when choosing the best oncologist for me?

What support system do I have to handle all of this? 

Or, maybe you're just thinking… I'm scared!

Before, there wasn’t a process in place to help ease the burden and provide guidance to navigate the first steps of your breast cancer journey, which include choosing the right oncologist.

But now, that process has changed with Still Here!

We’ve Revamped The Process


Yearly Breast Cancer Diagnoses for Women in the US


Increased Death Risk Due to Delayed Treatment


Oncologists to Sort Through in Research Triangle Park

Your Next Steps

As a patient, all you will need to do is reach out to the Still Here team with your information and we will take it from there. 

At Still Here, we offer a consolidated, personalized oncologist report that will include:

Three Provider Options, who are currently accepting new patients!


Each report will consider:

  • Provider Credential Verification

  • Experience and Specialization Assessment

  • Clinical and Research Background

  • Patient Satisfaction and Feedback

  • Personalized Preferences


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After we go through our detail-oriented process, you will receive your oncologist matches soon after.

The choice of your oncologist is up to you!

Additional patient services available upon request.


I'm Amy Terrell!

As a breast cancer SURVIVOR, I have experienced the healthcare system's complexities and intricacies. I understand the challenges when navigating the breast cancer journey because I faced them, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond…

My story began on May 27, 2021, with an annual mammogram—a year after COVID-19. I was back on track with my preventative care. This wasn't new; I had been diligent for 17 years. I expected the usual assurance in the mail, highlighting a clear scan.

Two weeks later, an unexpected call from my primary physician's office broke the calm. Anticipating a routine reminder, I forwarded the call to voicemail. The message I received was far from ordinary. The details of tumors – the number, sizes, and locations - left me in disbelief and shock. This wasn't my expectation of what should've been a routine mammogram.


Further tests on June 11 deepened my anxieties. The Radiologist's concern was evident, and on June 15, the diagnosis was  confirmed: BREAST CANCER. The reassuring words from the Radiologist's Assistant did little to comfort me. Overwhelmed, I tried reaching out to oncologists recommended by other women who had faced this journey, but their oncologists were either retired, on vacation, or unavailable for several months.


Taking a moment to process the news, I relied on my experience in Health Services Administration to guide my next steps. I took it upon myself to conduct thorough research to gain even more insight into oncologists in the area. Afterwards, I developed a well-informed plan of action. This proactive approach was instrumental in ensuring I received the necessary care immediately.


Through many heartfelt conversations with breast cancer patients, some of whom had experienced recurrences, I became aware of their concerns about their cancer treatments and the difficulty of navigating the healthcare system. Those conversations and my own experience made me realize the urgent need for a solution to ease the strain on the healthcare system and help patients identify the best treatment option while providing them with the guidance and support they desperately need.


Together, we share in the DIAGNOSIS; let's share in the SOLUTION!

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Our Ceo
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For Oncologists

Still Here is an amazing resource for oncologists and employers.
By partnering with us, oncologists gain access to a network of motivated patients seeking their expertise.
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Disclaimer: Still Here strives to provide our clients with the highest level of service and support; however, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes or results as we are not a medical provider and do not offer medical advice or treatment.

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